The Westlands

Game 1 - Welcome To Skeleton Creek

The meeting started up on time, with a small group of the townsfolk present.
Sheriff Jericho Jack, Magdalena Graves, Oliver Strongarm, Elliot Montgomery, Henry Jimson, Misako Kato, Jen Daws, Colin McKenna,
Jebediah Wright arrived after the meeting, but took part in the rest of the activities of the day.
“Mr Blackstone” arrived part-way through the day. He had suffered a bandit attack a couple days walk from town, and had been left for dead. He has no memory of where he came from, or even who he is, but was carrying a bank statement addressed to Mr Blackstone.

The town priest was present in town, but did not make it to the meeting.

It was decided that a Town Council would be created. The Westlands Mining Company did not send anyone to the meeting, but it was decided to allow them to appoint one member to the council. Other council members are the new Deputy – Oliver Strongarm, the Census Official – Elliot Montgomery, and Henry Jimson. Magdalena was elected as the Acting Interim Mayor.

Shortly after the conclusion of the meeting, a citizen of the town burst in to the town hall calling for the sheriff. The bank had just been robbed by bandits. Everybody present at the meeting ran out to catch the bank-robbers. Henry was able to track the trail of blood from one of the bandits who was winged fleeing the scene. The posse came up on the two bandits counting their loot at the top of the trail from town. They tried to talk the bandits down, and even followed calmly behind them when they tried to leave, but eventually the bandits drew weapons and opened fire. The sheriff was hit and slightly injured, and both bandits badly injured before they gave up the fight and were taken into custody. On the way to the jail, one of the bandits tried to run, and was shot down (but not killed). Both bandits were then taken to jail to await the doctor, and a trial. Henry found a trail leading off from the place the bandits were found, which may finally lead us to the bandit camp that has been a thorn in the side of the town for months.

After lunch, what appeared to be injured miners came down the trail from the direction of the mine. However, they did not respond to greetings or questions, nor even to the Sheriff’s command to “Halt”, even powered by his badge. The first to get to the folks at the meeting attacked them. The “miner” was shot dead, and turned out to be an old, rotted corpse, somehow re-animated and walking. The three others were also stopped, and the bodies brought into town hall for investigation. There was no identification on them, apart from the fact that they all wore mining company uniforms. Nobody recognized the bodies, although given the advanced state of decay, that’s not too surprising.

The group decided to go to the mines, to investigate. At the mouth of the mine itself was another small group of walking corpses, some of whom were still wearing hard hats and carrying mining implements. The group fought with the corpses, stopping them all. Then it was realised that the sheriff had gone missing during the fight. Henry found the trail of a shambling step dragging a body into the mine. The trail led to where the mine became too dark to follow any further. While no further corpses were visible, the sounds of groaning and scraping steps could be heard echoing up from various tunnels further in.

The decision was made to enter the mine to try to find the sheriff or the source of the corpses, but nobody had a fueled lantern on hand, so this was put off until later. The Deputy, as Acting Interim Sheriff, appointed Jen Daws as Acting Interim Deputy.



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