The Sheriff: Jericho Jack

The Sheriff of Skeleton Creek


Name: Sheriff Jack
Base Stat: Accuracy
Weapon Skill: Handguns
Crafting Skill: Ammunition
Knowledge Skill: Local Area Knowledge – Criminals
Speciality Skill: Improved Strike

Lesser Endurance (2 HP per location)

Accurate 6-shooter – allows Pinpoint Strike for any Accuracy-based character.
The Star – Allows the sheriff to use the “Halt” Command once an hour on one target at a time.


Jericho Jack was one of the first mine-workers moved into Skeleton Creek. He became a shift supervisor, and worked the mines for years. He was injured in a mining accident, which ended his working life in the mines.

His respect from the men of the town, mostly miners themselves, earned him the Sheriff’s badge when the town got large enough to need one. He’s an older man now, but still commands the respect of the townsfolk, as he has always been an effective and fair sheriff.

The Sheriff: Jericho Jack

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