Back Story

Skeleton Creek is a small mining town somewhere in the west of the American continent. No need to be more specific than that with the Geography :). It is the mid-late 1800’s.

This is Frontierland Wild West. With some differences.

  • Most notably, the native people here were less easy to destroy, and the expansion West has been more respectful of them, and hence taken longer.
  • The civil war was almost a cold war, never heating up to the level in our history. It still simmers, with bits of fighting now and again.
  • For all intents and purposes, America is divided into three parts : The Civil war North (Capitol: Washington DC), the Civil War South (Capitol: Montgomery AL), (divided along roughly 37^o^North) and the West (Washington, Idaho, about half of Montana, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona). The Capitol of the West used to be Salt Lake City UT. Many governmental functions are now run out of Sacramento CA, but many older/more conservative people think SLC should still be the capitol.
  • Slavery still exists in the East, although not so common near here. Settling Africa didn’t go as smoothly for the conqueror as we know, and Slaves/Owners is not a neat Black/White line as in our timeline. Slaves have mostly come from criminals’ sentences, and indentured servitude for those who can’t repay debts.
  • Mystical and mysterious things have been stronger and had more influence on the development of nations worldwide. Technology is slightly older than it should be. And slightly different…
  • Fire does not burn quite as well in this world. And here, for some reason, it’s even worse. Although nobody has quite recognised this or worked out why, yet.
  • This means that steam-power is expensive, as the fire has to use more fuel.
  • Guns work, but are less powerful than they should be, so cowboys and sherrifs alike carry blades or other weapons too. Shields and armour are still seen in fights, although solid metal armour (plate) is unusual in the west.

Skeleton Creek is an old mine town. The mine ran almost entirely dry, and mining there has been sporadic for a long time. The town is all but a ghost town now. The company that owns the mine has recently found a new, rich-looking gold vein, and are trying to get a new generation of miners to come into the area.

Back Story

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