Character Generation

Character generation is designed to be simple and quick. It boils down to 5 steps, each of which answers a simple question about your character.

1) Choose the physical stat that defines your character, from Strength, Speed, or Accuracy.
Skills linked to the base stat are cheaper to buy, but you can buy any skills at any time.

2) Choose a single skill from Weapon Skills. (How does your character fight when they have to?)
3) Choose a single skill from Crafting Skills. (What do they make/how do they earn a living?)
4) Choose a single knowledge skill from Mental Skills. (What do they know most about?)

You may opt to choose an extra craft, knowledge, healing or scout skill instead of weapon, or an extra healing or knowledge instead of craft.

At least one of these three must be from your base stat (or no stat), and no two can be of any other stat. You get one weapon “Category” skill for free at this point to get to a specific weapon.

5) Choose any one more skill from any category. (Weapon, Craft, Healing, Knowledge or Scout)
This one must be from your base stat or not stat-aligned. (What do they specialise in?)

All basic weapons and equipment are allowed without spending currency/points on them. Advanced/special equipment will cost currency or xp to create later.

Character Generation

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