The Westlands is a family-friendly game, for adults. This means that while we welcome children and families into the game, the following must be taken into consideration.

For safety reasons, no child under 16 will be allowed into large-scale combat. No child under 12 may fight at all (besides play-fighting with an adult, or between children with adult supervision).

Children can accumulate experience at any age. They may only spend it on age-appropriate skills.
Any age can buy gathering skills, common sense will be applied to all non-combat skills, and combat skills may only be bought after the age of 12. Any AoE/Mass abilities can only be bought after 16.

Also, the game WILL tackle adult subjects. Some of these may be unsuitable for young children. Some plot lines are organised specifically for children to follow, and these will be suitable. The website will hold the relevant “recommended minimum” ages for each storyline, and for new storylines these will be posted on-site somewhere. If you are unsure, go with your child on the first few excursions into a storyline. For the most part, if a child wanders into a room/area where an NPC is involved in a story which is blatantly unsuitable, they will make sure that the child is gone before continuing. However we cannot guarantee that this will happen every time, so you are responsible for looking after your children and moderating what they are exposed to, just as in the real world.


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