Safety Rules

Safety Rules

This section defines the safety rules for the Westlands, including the OC Safety Calls.


Various colored headbands will be used to signify certain statuses of characters or players on the field. These are out-of-game, and characters do not see them. Plain headbands may not be worn in-character to avoid confusion.

Blaze Orange – Out of character.
Blue – Non-combatant.

Out of Game

Any object that is colored (or tagged with) Blaze Orange (Hunter Orange) is Out of Game. Boxes and Doors marked with this colour may not be opened, and items may not be moved. Players may not conceal items that are in-game in this way (without a relevant skill). Interfering with Orange items will be seen as OC theft, and treated very seriously.

Weapon Safety

The Westlands is set in a world that uses both guns and swords. We use boffer or latex style weapons, and NERF or similar style guns. All weapons brought to the game must be checked by game safety staff before use. This is NOT a guarantee that all weapons used in the game are safe, please remember at all times that you play at your own risk.

As NERF guns are used as part of the game, safety goggles are strongly recommended. These can easily be incorporated as part of your costume, as the game has a Steampunk style aesthetic, or all-transparent ones can be worn that appear largely invisible.

No real firearms or airsoft/air guns are ever permitted on site.

Safety Calls


All players stop what they are doing and wait for the resume call. This is usually very short-term stoppage, used to allow someone to recover from a dangerous situation.

Resume, 3-2-1
Play resumes after any other stoppage.

Man Down

This call is used to signify that a PLAYER is injured. All play should stop immediately, and players should stand still until a ref gives a three-count to re-start. This time is out-of-game, and should not be used to scout out positions on a battlefield, or communicate In Character.


The word FIRE should not be used outside of an emergency situation. Yell “FIRE, FIRE, FIRE” if there is a real, Out of Game fire burning somewhere within the game grounds. The game backstory explains why there will never be an In-Game Fire emergency.


The word “Medic” is too modern to fit in-game, and hence has been chosen as an out-of-game emergency word. Call this after “Man-Down” to get the attention of on-site first-aid staff, if necessary.

Time Freeze

All players must stop, and ideally close their eyes. Refs will use time freeze to adjust actions that happen instantaneously. Use of this will be kept to a minimum.


All players must stop, and sit down immediately. This will usually be used if a non-player has entered the area, in order not to appear threatening to the uninitiated.

Time in/out

These calls are only used once per day, to signify the beginning and ending of play.

NC (Non-combatant)

If a PLAYER does not feel safe in combat, they may call “NC” or “Non-Com” to signify they are non-combatants. A Character armed with any weapon may point it at you, or point a hand at you and say a combat spell name. This attack is presumed strong enough to drop you to an “Unconscious” state immediately. If the attack comes with a damage call that has stronger effects, you must take the call as well.

You may not make any attacks or any actions that assist those in combat while NC. You may heal or buff only those who step back from the line of combat for your assistance.

If you are “NC” for an extended period, you should also wear a blue headband.

Please note that neither of these measures guarantees you will not get hit, if you truly are unable to take any hits, you should stay right out of combat situations (AND wear a blue headband).

Safety Rules

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