Scout Skills

Scout skills

Trapping (2 Concentration to Disarm)
Standard: Recognise and Disarm traps.
Improved: Set Traps

Track (2 Concentration to start, 1 to pick up a lost trail)
Standard: Roleplay for 30- seconds, learn how many people/animals passed here. Also allows character to follow IC trails.
Greater: And which way they were going.
Improved: And what they were doing.

Conceal (1 Concentration)
Hide items on your person, must have an orange bag labeled “Concealed”. Concealed items must be placed in the bag.

Locate (Acc) (1 Concentration)
Take an extra 30-seconds when searching someone to locate “Concealed” items.

Binding (Str) (1 Concentration)
30- seconds roleplay to bind captive. Target may not escape.

Escape Bonds (Spd) (Constant concentration, may not interrupt)
Bonds tied without Binding can be escaped in 5 minutes
May escape even bonds tied with Binding of equal or lower level(10 minutes)
Greater: or shackles secured without Binding

LockPick (4 Concentration)
30 seconds roleplay to pick a lock on a box with a “Locked” item tag of equal or lower level.

PickPocket (2 Concentration)
A member of Game Management must be involved in any pickpocket attempt. To learn this skill, contact Game Management.

Mark (4 Concentration)
A target is “marked”. This lasts until they leave the area.
You gain unlimited Chase, Alert and Track actions against them, without any concentration cost.

Deja Vu (2 Concentration)
If you are fighting a target for the second time in one day. You may call “Deja Vu”. They may not call Avoid or Block calls against you.

Style Master (1 Concentration)
Style Masters know many styles of fighting. If someone calls Deja Vu against you, you may respond with “Style Master” to negate it.

Your character may disguise themselves as another. This may not be used to look like a specific character or NPC without Game Management approval. You must wear a different costume, at least, to your character’s usual garb. If you change prosthetics or face paint, you must wear your usual prosthetics, make-up or face paint as well.

A character may hold a hand in front of their faces to show that they are stealthed. As long as they don’t touch anyone, make any loud noise or walk through bright light, they may remain stealthed. If you see someone raise their hand to their face, then you may track them as long as they remain in your field of vision. They may make ranged attacks, but the source of the attack is obvious, so if they don’t move fast, they may be boxed in.

Fade into a crowd
If moving along with a group of more than three others, you may hold a hand on top of your head to show that you are fading into the crowd. As long as you keep your hand there, nobody may track you.

If you hold both hands on top of your head, you are invisible, and cannot be seen in any way. Any sound heard coming from you will alert people to your presence, but you cannot be seen. Touching anyone will allow them to see you until you leave their field of vision.

Alert (2 Concentration)
You may spot any stealthed person in your field of vision. Call “Alert” and point at the character, but please note this is an OOC call, nobody else is made aware that you have spotted them, not even the target. You may only use this skill when someone first enters your field of vision, or when something triggers your suspicions.

Cheat (2 Concentration)
When playing any game of chance, you may call “Cheat” to win a hand/round.

Check your Sleeves (1 Concentration)
Calling “Check your Sleeves” cancels a “Cheat” call. IC, this is a retro-active ability to stop them cheating, not catch them at it.

Caught Red-handed (2 Concentration)
Calling Caught Red-handed cancels a “Cheat” call, and catches the cheater at it.

Escape (2 Energy)
Calling Escape allows you to make 5 large paces away from the person you are escaping. This can be done in combat (you may ignore hits until you’ve completed your 5 paces, and the target may not follow you), or in a chase (the target must stop until you’ve taken 5 paces).

Rescue (4 Energy)
You must have Escape AND Carry (or be Strength-based) to use Rescue. You may take a willing person or unconscious body with you when you Escape.

Chase (2 Energy)
Allows you to follow an Escape or Rescue call.

Feign Death (1 Concentration)
When you take damage, you may go down as if you were unconscious. You may tell any healer detecting your condition that you are unconscious. Any movement, skill use, or attack ends this effect.

Interrogate (2 Concentration)
During an interrogation scene, you may use this skill to force a true answer from your target. The question needs to be a direct question for a specific answer, but not necessarily a yes/no question. For example, you may ask “Who, What, Where or Why” questions, but not simply “Tell me what happened that day”.

Lie (2 Concentration)
You may respond to an Interrogate skill use with a Lie.

Torture (4 Concentration)
You may torture a target for a true answer. This may be resisted with Psychology immunities only. You may not Lie in response to a Torture unless you can resist and have the Lie skill.

Scout Skills

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