Alchemy skills are all Lore-based crafting skills.
When making substances via experimentation or following a recipe, the following forms can be made:
Essence (a concentrate, can be made from just one ingredient)
Gas (usually the product of reacting ingredients, not something you’d carry around as a gas)
Mixing the same ingredients to make different forms may have different results.

Base-level herbs that can be collected with Apprentice herb gathering are:

Potion (OX)

Poison (OX)

Antidotes (+3OX)

Immunity (+5OX)

Venom (OX)
Master Venom maker may apply venoms to non-weapons (doorhandles, plates etc), or directly to target.

Explosions, Acids, Salves, Gases etc

Analyse Alchemy (AX)
Discern ingredients of an item.

Identify Alchemy (AX)
Discern properties of an item.

Disguise Contents (+5OX)
Allows you to use an extra ingredient to mask the true nature of an alchemical item from Analyse or Identify skills.

Replicate Qualities (x2 OX)
Allows you to use extra ingredients to make an alchemical item seem like another to Analyse or Identify skills

Alchemy skills can be used during downtime or game time, instead of making a known item using a previously discovered recipe, to experiment with ingredients you have on hand. Mixing two ingredients or existing items together into a chosen form, will give you an unidentified item, which you can then use to determine the effects, or use an identify skill on to discern the likely outcome. You can also use your research slot to reverse engineer a recipe – “I want to make a potion to cure Disease.” If you have the right ingredients on hand, this will likely get you the recipe immediately. If not, then the result of this research will lead you toward the recipe you are looking for in some way.

For an Alchemy recipe to be passed to someone who doesn’t know it, a scroll is required. This does not stop you from verbally sharing the recipe, but the “learning” alchemist will still have to use a research slot to “create” the recipe for themselves.

Cooking will be used to create meals, and/or drinks. Both meals and drinks allow for stretching ingested alchemies to cover multiple targets, but require time to be spent drinking/eating, so are not usable in combat situations.


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