Crafting Skills

Item levels

Manufactured: A crafted item that has not been improved.
Apprentice – can hold one effect.
Journeyman – can hold two effects.
Master – can hold three effects.
Magical – can hold magical effects, and any number of non-conflicting effects.

Items may not be improved past the level of the craftsman.
Raw materials gathered can only be up to the level of the gatherer.

Crafting Skills

To Craft or Refine an item, bring ingredients to Game Management. Crafting takes time, be prepared for that!

Crafting skills generally come in various levels.

Lore or Repair (%{color:blue}1 Concentration%)
Lore: Learn information about the topic.
Repair: Repair items of this type.

Make a single item or improve a single item by a single step.
Gather 1- item per day.

Make 2- items, or improve any items by a total of 2- steps.
Gather 2- items per day.

Make 3- items, or improve any items by a total of 3- steps.
Gather 3- items per day.

Make items capable of holding permanent enchantments.
Gather enhanced raw materials.

Gathering Skills

mine metal (Str)
mine gem (Str)
gather herb (Acc)
gather wood (Spd)
gather hides (Spd)

Refinement Skills

metallurgy (Str)
gemcraft (Acc)
herbalism (Spd)
wood-chopping (Str)
skinning (Acc)

Broken items that cannot be fixed may be taken apart to return some raw materials. You must have the refinement skill for the raw material you are extracting, OR the craft skill for the item you are dismantling as well as Salvage to use this skill.

Increased Output (Spd)
Increases the output of processing skills.

Crafting Skills


Bowyer (Acc)
Fletcher (Spd)
Jeweler (Acc)
Armour-smith (Str)
BlackSmith (Melee Weapons) (Str)
Shield Crafter (Str)
Gunsmith (Acc)
Ammunition maker (Lore-based) (Spd)



Income Skills

Income skills come in levels.
Apprentice (level 1)
Journeyman (level 3)
Master (level 5)


Crafting Skills

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