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Welcome to the Westlands wiki!

Please note: the current state of the rules is “Beta Release”. The concepts are there, and shouldn’t change much. Some of the specifics around calls may still change a little before the first game. It’s time to start learning the system, as not much should change from here. The actual costs for buying and using skills are very likely to change still, as I am just getting to this part now, and balancing is a big job! None of this affects character generation however.

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Your first game

As the rules are still in a slight state of flux, I am happy to work with new players to create a character. However, the Character Generation rules should be enough to do it yourself at this point.

Most starting characters will be old-school townies, who have lived here through the slump years. Some will like the fact that the town is being revitalized, some will not. Some of these people will be town leadership of some sort. This does not necessarily mean they are old – the mine only closed down 5 years ago.

The other option for new characters is a person brought into town by the recruiting done by the Westlands Mining Company. They may be related to the mining or not – the company is bringing in farmers, doctors, and all sorts of people to create a functioning town. As we move forward in time, more of the new players will be from this group.

If you choose to do character generation yourself, email the results to
Make sure the email includes: Player name, Character name, concept/backstory, and the answers to the 5 questions.
eg: Gunslinger/smuggler (Speed, Handgun, Gunsmith, Appraise, Dual Handgun)

Once you have created a character, read through the Effects page, and try to get a feel for how to respond to the in-game calls you will hear. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all, the players on the field will fill you in if you ask. Other rules pages to read before your first game are: Safety Rules, Combat Rules, and Health and Death (although hopefully you won’t need that last one!). The rest can be learned in-game, or read later at your leisure.

Main Page

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