Mental Skills


Research is a downtime activity through which characters discover new skills or information. Any character can research any topic, but more advanced things will take longer.

You may choose whether to disclose the results of your research (the new skill/potion recipe/spell/whatever will go on the wiki), or keep it private. Once three people have researched the same thing, it will go on the wiki anyway (Three people can only keep a secret if two of them are dead).

Accelerated Research (10 OX)
Research twice during down-time

Improved Research (10 OX)
Improves the results of research actions (more focused, or more information)


Teaching skills come in levels.
Tutor (10 OX)
Scholar (15 OX)
Sage (20 OX)

There is a separate teaching skill for each category (Knowledge, Weapon, Scout, etc)
Effect Skills can only be taught at an event and in person.

Teaching at an event takes time, teaching during downtime takes half research time from the teacher.

A Tutor can teach a single person any skill they have, up to Standard level, saving the student 1 XP per level for the skill.
Scholars take less time to teach, and save 2 XP per level, up to Improved. They may also teach 2- students at a time.
Sages may teach up to 3- people during downtime, and up to 5- as a class during an event. Save 3XP per level above Standard level. Only Sages can teach Absolute skills.

A Sage may also work with someone who has a skill to teach it (so they don’t have to have the skill themselves).

Teaching during an event should be made into an entertaining experience for all, this is a chance to perform, and preferably actually impart some knowledge on the subject to the students, so they can at least role-play the skill. It is your choice whether to talk about period methods of performing the skill, or larp-equivalent skills (foam molding, or latex painting/repair, for example).

Knowledge Skills

Appraise (OX, 2 Concentration)
Determine the value of an item.

Discern Quality (5OX, 1 Concentration)
Determine the level of an item.

Read/Write scroll (+5OX, 2 Concentration to read)
(Writing scrolls is a downtime action).
Scrolls act as teachers for the purpose of learning skills. Only one person at a time can learn from a scroll. Physical skills (weapon, Scout, Effect) may not be learned from a scroll.
Lesser: Copy a scroll for a skill from your own skillset.
Standard: Write or copy a scroll from your own skillset.
Greater: Write 2- scrolls from your own skillset, or copy 1 you don’t know. – Tutor level
Improved: Write 3- scrolls from your own skillset, or copy 2 you don’t know. – Scholar level
Absolute: Write or copy 3 scrolls, including from another person’s skill. – Sage level

Translate X (language) (5OX, 2 Concentration, need Write Scroll)
Translate from or to the language specified.

OathSworn X (Guild/Faction/Group etc) (Free skill, earned through rp)
Sworn into a group. Allows certain abilities depending on the group.

X Command (Free skill, earned through rp)
Commander of a group.

Lore skills (AX, 1 Concentration)
Each Lore skill has an information sheet full of information. They can also be used to gain information in suitable situations during play.
(Animal Lore, Wilderness Lore, Undead Lore, Religious Lore, etc etc)

Gen Knowledge (x5AX, earned automatically when learning the 7th Lore skill)
All non-craft Lore skills at base level.

Area Lore X (5AX, 1 Concentration)
Knowledge of X in an area of the world.

Far Travelled (x3AX)
Basic knowledge of all areas of the world for the lores you have.

Recognise Forgery (AX, 1 Concentration)
Determine the legitimacy of a valuable item.
Greater, Improved, Absolute – recognise higher-level forgeries.

Forge (+5AX) (Downtime/non-combat, like crafting)
Create a forgery.

Identify (AX) (magic, potion, poison, reagent, venom, runes) (2 Concentration)
Separate Identify skills exist for each type of object.
Greater, Improved, Absolute – recognise higher-level things.

Mental Skills

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